How To Turn On And Impress A Woman

So you want to learn how to turn on and impress a woman? Well, let me go over the basics with you to help you get off on the right foot and on your way to meeting and picking up women, while making a great first impression. The following are all turn ons to the majority of women.  Please note I said majority and not all. Some women have unusual likes and dislikes. This list is nowhere near … [Read More...]


The Hardcore Truth On How To Really Pick Up Women

Want to know the number one reason most men fail at picking up women? They do not take action. If you want to really know the true secret on how to pick up women it is simply boils down to taking action. If you don’t take action, you will be lucky if you ever meet any women at all. Let me repeat this again as it is that important. You must take action to pick up women. Got it? Another thing … [Read More...]


Top Places To Meet Women

Want to meet women to date? Want to know some of the best places to meet women and why they are the best? Well, keep reading and I’ll cover several of the top places to meet eligible women to date and give you a little inside information about each place. Local Bars – Bars and dance clubs have been one of the main places to go to meet women for ages. Let me give you a hint here. Go to the … [Read More...]

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How To Pick Up Women In Bars

I would have to say the fastest way to meet a woman would be in a nightclub or bar.  But you must be aware that most women will have their guard way up to … [Continue Reading...]

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Where To Meet Women

Many men think that the only place to meet women is at a nightclub or bar. This is extremely far from the truth. In fact a bar is not really the ideal place to meet women, unless you are really out for a one-night stand.  There are many great places you can go and meet all types of women without having to deal with the typical woman’s defense wall she usually has up when out partying with her … [Read More...]


How To Pick Up Women In Video Stores

Do you like watching videos? Well, so do most women. Next time you go to your local video rental store take a look around at how many single women are looking for a video to rent. Want to learn how to pick up women in a video store? Then read on. This is actually fairly easy. Go browse the same movie rack the woman you want to meet is browsing. Watch what videos she picks up to look … [Read More...]


How To Pick Up Women At Dance Schools

If you like to dance or want to learn to dance, meeting women at dance schools can be extremely fun. A dance school is a fantastic place to meet and socialize with women. So if you are ready to learn how to pick up women at dance schools, please continue reading on. First let me make one thing perfectly clear. You do not need to know how to dance. So don’t worry if you have two left feet. Just … [Read More...]

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