How To Pick Up Women In A Supermarket

supermarketDid you know that a supermarket is a great place to meet women? I’m not talking about your local convenience store. Now, I’m talking about your regular grocery store supermarkets.

Women are usually at ease in a supermarket and don’t have their guard up like they do in a nightclub or other regular pickup spot. You will be amazed at just how easy it is to pick up women in a supermarket if you just put forth a little effort.

First things first, you need to go to the supermarket dressed appropriately. If you go during the day or late evening, wear what you normally wear. Jeans and a shirt are fine. If you go just after work, dress in your work clothes. Lots of people stop by the supermarket on their way home from work.

The main point I am trying to get at here is don’t make yourself stand out or look out of place. Always dress to fit the situation, place and time.

Here are a few ideas you can use to break the ice and strike up a conversation with a woman in a supermarket.

If you are in the meat section, ask a woman how to select a steak that will be tender and juicy. Tell her you always seem to end up with really tough ones. Do this in a joking manner.

If you are in the fruit section, ask a woman how to tell if a specific fruit is ripe. You could even mention something about how you bought a (fill in the blank) piece of fruit and was really looking forward to eating it. Then when you got home… you bit into it and it was sour as could be.

If you are in the vegetable section ask a woman what type of onion should be used in a salad.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself. Always say something like; by the way, my name is Bill. If she smiles and tells you her name, you have broken the ice further. What ever you do, don’t forget her name!

Always thank her for her help and let her know that you really appreciated her advice. Then continue with your shopping. But, you want to make sure you find her again a few minutes later.

When you find her the second time, make sure you thank her again and smile at her. You can do one of two things at this point.

You can tell her you want to thank her by taking her out to dinner or coffee.

Or you can wait until the next time you see her in the supermarket and then tell her how much her advice helped you and then ask if you can take her out to dinner or coffee to thank her for her help.

One really nice thing about supermarkets is your competition is almost non-existent. You have a place that is loaded with women and you. You can’t really ask for better odds than that now, can you?

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